Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy Labour Day... Aus Deutschland!

Many of you may be aware that May 1 is a holiday in much of Europe. I believe that in Spain and Greece it is marked by protests and demonstrations. Here in Germany, so far as I can tell, it is marked by grilling meat and leaving town.
Our office was closed so my day was pretty much my own. The weather has been spectacular every day since I got back from Italy. Today has been sunny, dry and sort of mid 20'sC. Just about ideal for everything. I woke up at my leisure around 7, had a light breakfast and after that settled went for my run.
I now have a number of routes to choose from. Since today was about speed rather than distance I elected to go to Marienberg, a park not far from here. It's about a 15 minute easy jog to and from my place. Once there I ran a half hour of hard tempo - 7:00-7:20 pace. I admit, I was totally showing off. At that pace I was passing all of the runners and I passed more bicycles than passed me.
After the run I fixed myself a generous brunch. Then it was off to the laundromat. I should say that I have now found the laundry room in my apartment complex. To the best of my reasoning I believe that mid 20th century criminals were sentenced to wash clothes there. I opted for my usual laundromat half a kilometer down the street. It's bright, it's clean, it accepts paper money, it even has its own web site and Facebook page! You can be friends with my Waschsalon.
I must say I now have it all worked out when it comes to laundry. Got my machines, got my tunes. My friend Charmaine gave me a book of NYT Sunday crossword puzzles and I was totally crushing this one. Good times. I wish to point out that I showered before I headed off to do laundry, a courtesy not necessarily extended by all of the patrons.
Laundry done I went off to the Old City in search of dinner. In honour of Labour Day I chose sausages grilled by someone else, Sauerkraut and Wheat Beer. All eaten out doors at a typical spot: the Goldenes Posthorn. Family (and Paul) will not be surprised to learn that sausages, beer and sauerkraut provoke a similar reaction on both sides of the Atlantic.
Afterwards I treated myself to Gelato (3 flavours) and took the subway home. Then I started a Blog Post. Which brings me to right now. I hope you had as good a May 1 as I did.

Three more sleeps until I head home.
Thanks for reading.