Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Adventure Begins

Yesterday was my first day in Europe. So much happens. Let me break it down. First the facts:
  • I had no travel issues and arrived at the office, on time, with all my luggage, and almost no sleep. (Love those crying babies!)
  • My laptop plugged straight into an existing docking station at the office and everything worked. Yay!
  • I'm all moved into my flat (apartment). It's clean, plenty of room for just me and it's nice and quiet for sleeping. If you come to visit me the name on the door is Dr. Konig.
  • Yesterday's weather was gorgeous. I actually had dinner outside. Today it's raining.
And now the more interesting stuff.
  • Did you know that European keyboards aren't the same as North American ones? For example the y and z keys are interchanged. Zaz! All typos in this blog will henceforth be blamed on hardware incompatibility.
  • Although it was warm yesterday it quickly cooled off. My flat is centrally heated by my walking around and opening the valves on the radiators in each space that I occupy. It was centrally cooled when I closed the valves before I left.
  • My departure was delayed as I tried to understand the water heater that takes up most of the space above the bathtub. Once I figured out how to turn it on I had to wait. For a while. Quite a while.
  • Thinking shampoo could be a problem I thoughtfully bought a bottle before I left Canada and packed it in my luggage. It's conditioner.
  • "Furnished flat" means it has funiture. What I should have requested was a "Furnished flat with toilet paper". I see a shopping trip in my future. Should make for an interesting post. And maybe I can pick up some shampoo. Maybe.
  • German buses run to a schedule. To the minute. I love that. Now that the hot water thing is resolved getting to work on time should be a breeze.
  • I hate living a cliche but last night's dinner was sausages, sauerkraut, pretzels and beer. OK so they were probably the best in the world. But I need to break that cycle soon. For a couple of reasons.
Thanks for reading,
Dr. Konig (aka Tom)

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