Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Biggest Germany Disappointment To Date

I'm being treated OK!
First things first. Here's a photo.Please don't be alarmed, I'm not being held against my will and there have been no demands made. It's just that my friend Ryan doesn't believe I'm in Germany. So the photo is of me with today's paper. Yes Ryan, I could have Photoshopped it but frankly, who has the time?

Now the next item of business is a food photo. Kate is  really good at these. If you've ever seen a Picasa album of one of our vacations you can't help but to have noticed at least one photo of every meal she has eaten. I on the other hand feel really self conscious about taking a picture of my meal, especially when I'm by myself. But yesterday I was having lunch at a weird time when it wasn't very busy at a place in the Altstadt (old city) called Zum Spiessgesellen. It's in the Rathaus (City Hall). So when the staff wasn't looking I pulled out my cell phone, turned off the flash and snapped this. They called it Kalbsrahm Gulasch. Now with my Hungarian heritage I was only slightly offended but the Spaetzle (dumplings) were so good that I forgave them. The accompanying Kellerbier needed no apologies.

So, to the subject at hand. I am not disappointed by the weather, my work situation, my exercise opportunities or my ability to communicate. I'm happy with my accommodations, my transportation and the cost of living. My only disappointment to date is this:

This is all purpose cleaner that I bought on my boss's recommendation. Today was cleaning day at Dr. Koenig's flat. The place that needed it the most is the bathtub, the place where I shower once per day, maximum twice. Now if you look closely at the label you will see a happy frog. The implication is that the frog is happy because the cleaner is made with orange peel and  therefore environmentally friendly. Well the frog can be very happy because he neither bathes nor showers and I presume that if he does he's not bothered by a little dirt in the body of water he uses. This human on the other hand would like to see his labours rewarded by a bathtub that is cleaner when he finishes than it was when he started. No such reward was obtained. I started with the cleaner in a pail of water and gradually increased the concentration until I was using it full strength on the schmutz in question. Despite applying all of the elbow grease that my uninjured shoulder was capable of laying down there is now no evidence whatsoever that any cleaning has taken place.

Tomorrow I will be back to the supermarket in search of a more effective bathroom specific cleanser. True, it may be somewhat less "green" but I swear as God is my witness I will get my bathtub clean if I have to wipe the smile off that frog to do it!

Update: In a previous post I said that my love of beer did not necessarily mean that I drink a lot of it. Well on Friday I met up with an old friend for dinner. One thing led to another. And another. And ...who's counting anyway?! It was the weekend and I'm in Bavaria.

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  1. Always choose a cleaning product that requires a ventilation mask. Always.

  2. In addition to the ventilation mask, something super abrasive always works. You know the type that threatens to take the finish off.

  3. Why is City Hall called the Rathaus?