Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hail to the Champion

The web log (blog) is by its very nature a self-indulgent exercise. This one is for sure. But every so often the blog needs to be about someone else. Last month I posted about Sarah Anne Brault and her remarkable success in the ITU World Cup.
Today I'd like to recognize the President of our triathlon team, mother of my children and my best friend for nearly 30 years. Kate never blows her own horn so allow me to step in on her behalf.
Last month Kate won the award for Best Overall Female (Long Distance) in the Gord's Tuesday Duathlon series. The series ran over 5 Tuesday nights in May at Birds Hill Park and Kate raced four times. Some of you may be aware that she celebrated a milestone birthday last week. So she's racing against women half her age and basically handing them their @$$'s (oh, and some of the men too by the way). She does this while working full time, managing our household, running the Triple Threat Triathlon Club and finding every article I've misplaced.
Kate has big racing plans this year and possibly even bigger in 2013. This year's big goals are Canadian Nationals in Edmonton and IM Calgary 70.3. Last year at Nationals in Kelowna she missed the podium by one spot. This year I expect her to break through at both the Olympic and 70.3 distances. If you plan to race against her you'd best bring your A game because it looks like she'll be bringing hers. I'll have the opportunity to see her compete in Kenora in July and I am looking forward to that.
So, teammates, relatives, competitors and friends please take a minute to recognize Kate's remarkable achievements (did I mention she beat her Half Marathon goal by just over a minute?) and give her some encouragement as she prepares for this year's big races and next year's mystery event. May her achievements inspire you to dig that little bit deeper when you are training and racing. I certainly had a little more spring in my step during my rainy 6.5 miles this morning. So you see, it really is all about me after all ;o).

Thanks for reading,


  1. Well written, sir, and well deserved, Kate.

  2. Agreed Michael! A well written tribute to a very terrific lady! Go Kate go!

  3. Oh, the urge to write something witty that will just come out cranky. ;-)

  4. Kate has personally inspired me sooo many times as a teammate and a competitor!

    1. Who is this mysterious Bunion Blogger who claims to be a teammate and a competitor?

    2. Hmmmmm... I originally wanted to remain anonymously bunion-ridden. It's Trinette!